Mike Seat – Fine Art Photographer & Oil Painter

16426245_10210721859835036_1095602217146714174_nwebFine Art has always been a large part of Mike Seat’s life. Growing up in an art-loving family meant that visual art was more than just a picture on the wall; it was actually a way of life. The creation of art was a focal point in his childhood home, passed from father to son. The house had the fragrance of his father’s oil paint and also the clutter of easels and fine-tipped sable brushes. This creative environment alone would have been enough to hold the interest of most children, but for Mike there was one more attraction. It was there that he experienced something even more significant to him: the world of photography. Mike was awed as images magically appeared in the trays of his father’s photographic darkroom.

Mike carried this fascination with photography into college, where it became part of his undergraduate studies. His interest in this art form never waned, but it became sidelined during Mike’s career in air traffic control and his graduate studies in business and public administration. Luckily, he was able to reignite this long-time interest after retiring from 35 years of public service. That’s when the gateway opened for full-time devotion to visual art and photography. Mike soon recognized what had been elusive for so many years: the luxury of time. Time, or rather the lack of it, had kept him from the creative process he valued so much. Now he finally had lots of time to create.

Mike used his time wisely, spending it in the pursuit of the creative. He learned to create with new, unfamiliar media: ceramics and glass. But the allure of photography continued to tempt him, and he soon returned to that comfortable medium from years ago. But now that comfortable medium had a new twist. The darkroom photography of Mike’s childhood had been replaced with the technology of the digital age. This meant that Mike, once again, had a new gateway into the creative process: Digital photography. Mike’s experience with film photography and this new tool of digital photography became a natural fit.

Oil painting is Mike’s other rediscovered pleasure. Retraining his photographic eye led to a renewed desire to recreate what his eye had experienced – not just with a camera, but also with a brush. With paint, Mike has even more control over imagery and color than with photography. His creative freedom now has even more possibilities.

Mike feels that the culmination of his life experience into the present equals more than the sum of its parts: a new and unique moment in time. He thinks of this moment as a “perfect storm” experience. And this moment is what he tries to capture for the viewer. Ultimately, Mike Seat’s measurement of artistic success is his ability to connect with others and share his experience in a meaningful way.

Mike has studied oil painting at William Woods University, Columbia College and University of Missouri.

If you’d like to buy art or just share with Mike how you felt about his art, feel free to drop him an email.